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RFID Blocking Card Protect Your Credit Cards / Identity Card

RFID Blocking Card Protect Your Credit Cards / Identity Card
New innovation Radio frequency Blocking layer embedded can absorb all 13.56MHz frequency in half inch closed to, let your RFID payment card sleep safety till you take it out for payment by yourself. Card guard is a slim but powerful card prevent any one attempt to wiretap information in the card without your permit. Only need to insert it inside your wallet with payment cards together, a protect net had be fixed around your wallet. It is as same as a normal plastic card, looks like a payment card but half of thickness of a payment card.
Product Details:

RFID blocking card Protect your Credit Cards / Identity Card

What is RFID Blocking Card?

RFID Blocking Card is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, RFID driver’s licenses and any other RFID Cards from e-pickpocket thieves using handheld RFID scanners.

How does RFID Blocking Card work?

RFID Blocking Card is composed of a mixture of metals that disrupt the scanner from reading the RFID signals. There are outside and inside coating that is not rigid, so the card is very flexible.

Keep Your Data Safe

With RFID Blocking Card innovative aluminum-lined interior, you can be sure that your card numbers, address, and other critical personal information is safe from nearby Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanners.

Prolong the Life of Your Cards

RFID Blocking Card helps protect from wear and tear or daily use, much the same way that bank-issued card sleeves do... the difference is, because of our reinforced material, the lifespan of RFID Blocking Card far exceeds those basic paper ones... which means your cards last longer too!

Product name

RFID blocking card Protect your Credit Cards/Identity Card


PVC/Aluminum foil material


86*54 mm(3-3/8"x2-1/8") or Customized

Minimum QTY

200 pcs

Card Surface

Matte/Glossy/Frosted finish


Printing with your artwork or design


Protect all rfid smart card related credit cards   from illegally scanned


Protect personal information of credit card,Passport,ID card,etc...



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