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Low Frequency 125KHz RFID TK4100 Inkjet Blank Card for Access Control

Low Frequency 125KHz RFID TK4100 Inkjet Blank Card for Access Control
Inkjet PVC Cards have a special nano-coating on surface, it can absorb normal dye ink or pigment ink, which can be printable on inkjet printer such as Epson, Canon printer.
Product Details:

Inkjet card description:



1. There are slots for 2 cards to be printed at the same time.

2 You can print any ID card you can imagine or create!

3. Print ID cards for your company or organization.

Inkjet PVC card Advantage:

1.High-tech nano-coating,waterproof.

2.Fast absorb ink,instant dry.

3.Directly printing by Epson or Canon printer.

4.Double side and absorb normal dye ink.

5, No need any professional equipments 

6, Vivid color and high resolution photo quality 

7, High glossy, water resistant with tight and smooth edge PVC card 

8, Quick, easy, customized and professional to make PVC card. Low investment, high profit.  

Apply to: VIP card, IC card, student's identity card, magnetic card, etc.  
Also other fields, like: bridal veil photographic, key tablet, etc, there is no limit size for our Instant PVC card.



Questions you care about :


1. Ask: If the inkjet pvc card double side printable ?


 Reply: Yes


 2. Ask: If need the specifical ink ?


 Reply: No, Normal dye ink or pigment ink you use as usual.


  3. Ask: If I could sign my name on the card ?


 Reply: yes,you could write any word on the card with any type of the pen.


 (Very supernatural)


4. Ask: if you have scratch on the surface of card ?


 Reply: no, the surface are very smooth.


 5,Ask: This card if waterproof ?


 Reply: yes, It waterproof,we have tested it .


  6, how long can we use after we print it .


 Reply: 2-3years


7, Like Epson T50,L800,R330 etc Printer,why we print is in the form of CD .


Reply: you only need to install a R290 drivers is ok.



If you need the rfid chip: 


Contacless card: LF 125KHZ: TK4100,EM4200,EM4305,T5577etc


HF 13.56MHZ:  F08,Ntag203,Ntag216, Ultralight, Topaz512 etc


UHF 860-960MHZ : Alien H3


Contact card: SlE5542,,SLE5528,SLE4442,SLE4428 etc.



Card's size: 85.5x54x0.8mm ( CR80 standard card)


230pcs one box/15boxes one carton


3450pcs one carton


Carton size: 49x23x20CM


If you need special package,Please notice to me when you send inquiry.




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